Koko Records


Our motto tells it all.

Artists´ Label

Run by artists we deliver the music by finest artists performing live at Koko Jazz Club Helsinki & Ylä-Savo region.
At Koko Records it all begins with substance. The finest jazz musicians grounded deep to jazz tradition, reaching to the future, NOW!

Koko Records aims its actions in Japan Market only.
We deliver the record release tours exclusively to our Japanese partner.
Koko Records is part of Koko Jazz Club – chain in Finland, one of the most influential European innovators on jazz scene. We operate in art on wide range and it always begins with the substance, was it cross over with AV, Dance, Theater, or even Cartoon.

Package & Partners

Our record release package is an essential experience:
– Finest Jazz Musicians live and on Vinyl touring exclusively in Japan. On each cover art we present the finest of japanese calligraphy.
– Exclusively distilled whisky from Valamo Monastery, Finland. Labelled with Vinyl covers, whisky on sale only in record release tour.

We highly appreciate our partners
Valamo Monastery Distillery
Kamui Sword Artists / Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Personnel, heavy weights of Finnish Art scene:
Timo Hirvonen, artistic director
Miikka Huttunen, the head of the sound
Jaakko Vuorenmaa, the head of the visual design
Anna Veijalainen, artistic relations / dance / theater / drama & administration