Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki

Alice Ricciardi (ITA)

8.10. At 21:00

Tickets 15 / 10 e

Jazz singer and composer Alice Ricciardi, just released her second album, and her first, on Greg

Osby’s Label Inner Circle Music.
Debut album “Comes Love” was released on Blue Note/EMI, acclaimed by critics and public with more than 10.000 copies sold worldwide. OPTICS perfectly showcases Alice’s versatility and understated elegance of her sound. It provides ample proof that she is one of the jazz world’s most diverse and distinctly unique singer. While approaching the classic compositions and original material she doesn’t fall into the typical jazz clichés: baroque vocal gestures, and over-sentimentality. Instead, she choses to treat these songs simply, letting the songs speak with minimal, contemporary arrangements.

Alice Ricciardi picks in the tradition and majesty of the American Songbook, but also brings to light rare and unearthed gems from archaic Blues and Early Music repertoire, while creating a distinctive sound thanks to a fresh and audacious approach. All the songs and arrangements are open to a wide range of possibilities of interpretations and unexpected turns, keeping the listener on the edge of curiousity,. The music shines through its evocative poetry. Alice and her band stretch their musical sensibility out of comfort zone, but always keeping roots in semplicity and sponteneity.

Alice Ricciardi vocals
Pietro Lussu piano
Ville Herrala bass
Teppo Mäkynen drums