Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki


22.2. At 19:00

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This is a weird sentence coming from a drummer. Never the less this describes how Steve Gadd feels when he
plays with Michael Blicher and Dan Hemmer in the band Blicher Hemmer Gadd. “This is honest Music. No one
plays like this anymore.” Steve Gadd says. For the last 50 years he has played with Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Chick
Corea, Eric Clapton, Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Chet Baker and the list goes on.
In this trio with the award winning saxophonist, Michael Blicher and Hammond organ wizard, Dan Hemmer, Steve
Gadd rediscovers the sound and fell of the drums, and in their interplay there is a musical nerve and joy that
excites even a world legend drummer at age 73.

Michael Blicher, saxophones
Dan Hemmer, B3 Hammond organ
Steve Gadd, drums

Blicher Hemmer & Gadd unplugged the soundsystem at a recent show in Japan, and the acoustic sounds of the
instruments reconnected instantly and everything came together on a higher level. It reminded Gadd of the time
back home in Rochester when he played with Dizzy Gillespie at age 11. In Blicher Hemmer Gadd, Steve is getting
back to where it all began. With the sounds from the drums, the saxophone reed and the rotating leslie and with
the presence and communication of the three musicians and their audience, music comes alive in a whole new
way. It’s simple and yet very remarkable that a successful drummer as Steve Gadd still can find new ways to
unfold music and discover such heartiness.

Doors open at 18.00