Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki


5.10. At 19:00

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Frank Carlberg is a Finnish pianist and composer who has lived in the United States for the last 30 years. Carlberg writes music based on poems and other texts, in styles ranging from modern jazz to bebop and swing. He has written music based on texts by American poet Robert Creeley, and given musical form to the writing of Finnish poets like Kai Nieminen and Anselm Hollo.

Carlberg’s own projects carry his name and include Tivoli-trio, big band and quintet, with five albums under its belt. He has collaborated with e.g. Kenny Wheeler and Bob Brookmeyer.

The concert is a part of the UMO’s 40th anniversary concert series and it showcases Carlberg’s own compositions for big band. In addition to older material, the evening will include a couple of premieres of new works. The pieces got their inspiration and themes from pianist Thelonious Monk’s work, the circus and the world of carnivals – and often from movies. Conductor: Vellu Halkosalmi.

Doors open at 18.
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