Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki


22.7. At 19:00

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Jazz Meets Dance / Theater / Circus is a massive production bringing together the finest artist around the world. One week together the artists are discovering common ground through improvisation. 

The focus is in jazz, the abstract language that people understand without words globally. Ensemble is led by Timo Hirvonen. He has called some of the finest players on the planet: from Finland guitarist Teemu Viinikainen and drummer Jussi Lehtonen. Percussion and drummers are shared with amazing Rafael Barata from Brazil and saxophonist Alex Terrier, doing it in strongly in NYC. 

KokoTeatteri founder and artistic director Anna Veijalainen is in charge with the performing art. She directs the event that consists of world class dancers, actords and circus performing. Sami Saikkonen Jarkko Lehmus, Virve Balk, Anna Kuusamo, Inka Tiitinen are all in top of the game, ready to catch the moment. 

Video art is taken care of Miko Jaakkola, the head of Kotka City Theater. Jaakkola`s deep knowledge about AV-production brings the interesting 3d-technology in live event. He is in charge of doing the making of Jazz Meets and production afterwards that results an hour long programme for national TV.

The event is funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Jazz Meets Crew:

Timo Hirvonen
Anna Veijalainen
Miko Jaakkola
Sami Saikkonen
Jarkko Lehmus
Rafael Barata (BRA)
Alex Terrier (US)
Jussi Lehtonen
Teemu Viinikainen
Virve Balk
Anna Kuusamo
Inka Tiitinen
Miikka Huttunen
Jarno Marjamäki
Helena Roivainen

Doors open 18.00
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