Raatihuone , Iisalmi


12.5. At 20:00

Tickets 29 e

KJC Iisalmi offers a wonderful meeting between the world citicen. 
Rob Duguay is taking care of jazz business in New York. He works there constantly in his own club at Turnmill and works around the city with for example pianist Jon Davis. 

Tuure Kilpeläinen is a big star in finnish scene. His musicianship has taken the man all around the globe, lately to Brazil. 

In co-operation with the jazz cats drummer Jussi Lehtonen and pianist Alexi Tuomarila there is gonna be a party in jazz metropole Iisalmi!

Tuure Kilpeläinen, vocal
Rob Duguay (NYC) , bass
Alexi Tuomarila, piano
Jussi Lehtonen, drums

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