Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki


23.10. At 21:00

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Tickets 25 / 20 e

Koko Jazz club proudly presents in association with IFF: Kamui Sword Artists & Mika Kobayashi!

Kamui was formed in 1998.  They have combined beauty of form, acting, and martial arts and established the original style of performance.  Tetsuro Shimaguchi, the leader of Kamui, choreographed sword-fighting scenes and performed as CRAZY 88’s “MIKI” in “KILL BILL Vol.1”.  Their works have been featured by not only Japanese but also American and European media networks.  They are “SAMURAI SWORD ARTISTS”, who disseminate Japanese “SAMURAI” culture to the world.

Mika Kobayashi solo piano and singing performance tours have not only spread from Tokyo to the rest of Japan, but to also Europe and other countries. She has earned much acclaim as a powerful live artist. She is also well respected as a vocalist, having contributed to multiple soundtracks, including for the anime Shingeki no Kyojin, Gundam UC, Guilty Crown, and Ao no Exorcist; the television series Iryu 3; and the movie Platinum Data.