Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki

Koko Loft: Liberty Ship

1.3. At 17:00

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Liberty Ship : “The Wide Open Suite & Noises at Sea”
album release concert

Liberty Ship navigates the deep waters of free jazz and improvised music in constant pursuit of liberated self-expression. Acclaimed saxophonist and composer Esa Pietilä leads this all-star quartet of accomplished Finnish jazz musicians, pushing each musician to the boundaries of their creative ability. Liberty Ship is without a doubt one of the most exciting and adventurous projects to emerge from the booming Finnish jazz scene.

Liberty Ship glides gracefully out of the mist on gently rolling waves, combining the adventurous spirit and improvisation of free jazz to influences from contemporary art music outside of jazz and a Nordic cool sensibility. Their music is adventurous, mysterious, creative and unpredictable as the sea, but the crew of Liberty Ship always stays together as a cohesive unit with a single course and a unified vision, the prow firmly pointed toward the edge of the map to uncharted waters. Liberty Ship´s album “Approaching” was nominated as an “ALBUM OF THE YEAR – Best new releases 2013” by The New York City Jazz Record magazine.

Esa Pietilä – tenor saxophone & live-electronics
Aki Rissanen – piano & live-electronics
Antti Lötjönen – contrabass
Olavi Louhivuori – drums & live-electronics