Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki


12.10. At 19:00

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Conductor: Kirmo Lintinen

Since 1987 Kari ‘Sonny’ Heinilä has worked in UMO as a tenor saxophonist, artistic director and conductor. In October UMO celebrates his 50th birthday in two concerts.

The concerts are designed by Heinilä and consist of his compositions from the past decades. Some of the music is new material composed for this concert series. In addition to his own works, Heinilä has selected some pieces that are important to himself.

The focus of the programme is on the compositions themselves and includes classic pieces as well as rare gems from the lower shelves of the musical library. The programme is full of Heinilä’s trademarks: variation, contrast, sophisticated detail, and visually stimulating cinema-like composition.

Kari Heinilä (b. 1966)


  • 1987–1994: tenor saxophone
  • 1995–: conducted over 200 concerts
  • 2010–2011: artistic director
  • 2012–2014: member of the artistic committee

Has composed several works for UMO
Has recorded five solo albums
Pori Jazz Artist of the Year 1995
Finnish Jazz Federation Yrjö Award 2001

Duration (including intermission) approx. 2 hours.

Note: Forty-five minutes before each concert there’s an introductory discussion about the background of the concert in the café of the venue.

Doors open 17.45