Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki


12.9. At 19:00

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Tickets 20 / 16 e

Conductor: Kirmo Lintinen

Kvalda is a Finnish jazz group consisting of four members: vocalist Aili Ikonen, pianist Antti Kujanpää, bass player Jori Huhtala and drummer Hanne Pulli. Their style is a combination of Nordic jazz and free artistic expression. The quartet was founded in 2002 and has carved out a reputation as an excellent performer both domestically and internationally. Kvalda also won the respected Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition in 2004.

After a year or two of quiet life the quartet is back in business. This time they join forces with UMO Jazz Orchestra. In these concerts the Kvaldeans’ own compositions are moulded into novel and imposing big band versions. Kujanpää and Huhtala have penned the fresh arrangements for this series.

–We have dreamed of collaborating with UMO for a long time. Improvisation plays a big part in Kvalda’s music and we look forward to experiencing the power of improvisation of the musicians of UMO. The wind instruments of a big band will surely create new dimensions to our compositions, pianist Antti Kujanpää envisions.