Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki

UMO plays music from New Orleans

4.9. At 19:00

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It is generally believed that jazz was born in New Orleans. The multicultural city was a melting pot of many different styles of music. On Sundays, slaves from Africa and the Caribbean were not obliged to work but were allowed to play music in public places. The French influence was also strong in the city. The legends emphasize the importance of the famous red-light district Storyville in the beginnings of the history of jazz. But whether this conception of history is correct or not, nevertheless, musicians from New Orleans were instrumental in the first days of jazz and the eventual spreading of the style of music all over the world.

In early September, UMO pays tribute to the masterful musicians of New Orleans with a three-piece concert series. Naturally, the first of the masters is Louise Armstrong. The versions heard in the concert, though, are not the most traditional ones but, true to the style of the orchestra, fresh and even somewhat unexpected. The conductor of the concert, Mikko Hassinen, has arranged some of the pieces just recently. The length of the concert is about two hours, including the intermission.

Doors 17.45
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