Koko Jazz Club , Helsinki

Sid Hille

8.5. Klo 21:00

Osta lippu

Liput 15/10 €

Sid Hille’s compositions provide perfect and beautiful frames to depart from and return to. In an exceptional mix of instruments the Sid Hille contemporary/jazz Collective offers a unique listening experience. Each time again – each time in a different way.



There is no borderline between jazz and contemporary classical music.
There is only a small gap between mindsets, a tiny little opening of space for the NOW – a universe for the improvising musician.

This is where the Sid Hille contemporary/jazz Collective operates.
This is where the ‘Zen Connection’ happens.
(‘The Zen Connection’ is the title of the band’s first release from 2012.)

Equipped with a firm set of musical abilities the improvising musician takes a jump, trusting his spontaneous musical ideas, responding to the surrounding environment of the other improvisers, creating a unique maze of musical structures that can never be reproduced the exact same way – only the HERE and NOW is true.

Teemu Viinikainen – guitar
Sid Hille – piano
Maija Linkola – violin
Elina Viitasaari – violin
Lotta Poijärvi – viola
Markus Hohti – cello